Evhacon is a series of mobile video games by independent developer Pietro Nifosi from RetroVerso Games.

Knight Captain Valentius Drakonis
Knight Lieutenant Glondo Drakonis

Evhacon - War Stories, the first game of the series is a story driven action-RPG. The character of the player is thrust into a situation where he needs to help retrieve an artifact that will banish an evil presence from the world.

Evhacon II - Heart of the Aecherian, evolved into a more combat oriented RPG of the hack and slash variety. The story picks up after the death of a king and a knight and in pursuit of the assassins who stole the artifact.

Evhacon III - Ashmar, (upcoming).

The Background

Thirty-seven years before the events of the story, a hermit discovered a matching set of ancient, carved-stone, artifacts said to be instruments of great knowledge and wisdom, which outlined a clear map for the betterment of oneself and society. The twin artifacts were presented to two brother Kings, Leonar, King of Rhontir and Ruler of Adamah, and the older, Rhildwin, King of Aecheria and Ruler of Antadamah. The artifacts were exactly the same, except that the one given to King Rhildwin was found to be damaged. One small piece was never recovered.

Leonar, the much younger of the two brother Kings misinterpreted the meaning of the artifacts and proclaimed himself king of both Adamah and Antadamah taking over the entire world and hoping to wield the power of both artifacts. However the Aecherians had hidden the second artifact after King Rhilwin’s death and Leonor was denied his prize.

Meanwhile, when the artifacts were discovered after many centuries lost, Isuel the Goddess Snake Queen of the Tahlani’s, foresaw a new age where mankind would have no need to worship gods and demigods, becoming Evhacon, the Avatars of Light. Thus she commanded the Tahlani to find the missing piece to prevent this from happening. When Leonar heard of her intentions, he gathered all his loyal armies at the base of Mount Komdur, where the artifacts were uncovered, and easily smothered the Snake queens army with superior numbers and put her evil reign to an end.

Leonar’s thirst for power was still not sated, and he sent a congregation of priests called Alphatheists to search the mountain peaks for the missing piece of the artifact. Leonar also tried to claim the City of Stone, home of the Khaynarani who had been loyal to him in the fight against Isuel. But they rebelled and served the Rhontirians a crushing defeat in the valley of Sin-Gandir.

Evhacon I, War Stories

The player’s character, the Hero, starts the game having returned to Rhontir after the war against the Khaynarani rebels in Sin-Gandir, only to find the gate to his home city barred, and a strange mist settling upon the land. Outside the gate he joins up with a group of Aecherians headed up by the Knight Captain Valentius Drakonis and his younger brother Knight Lieutenant Glondo Drakonis.


The Aecherians are there to meet King Leonar of Rhontir. After earning their trust, the Hero is tasked with helping the Aecherians enter the city and find a way to see the King.

As they make their way through the city, the Hero finds out more about the strange mist that has descended down from the mountains of Komdur. When at last they reach the King’s Halls, he is asked to escort Valentius to see the King. There Valentius argues that the artifacts were not meant for mankind and must be returned to the mountain asking if the Evhacon were so enlightened, what had become of them?

After decades of searching for the missing piece, King Leonar refuses Valentius. At that moment, Valentius runs to the King to protect him from two assassins disguised as his Alphatheist priests. Valentius is killed and the artifact is stolen from King Leonar.

After a somber funeral for Valentius, the Hero questions his own honor and Glondo leads the charge eastward, after the assassins who killed his brother and stole the artifact.

When shadow comes to claim our souls, some must rise the light of old" - Corporal Martin Falch

Evhacon II, Heart of the Aecherian

The second episode the story starts as the soldiers led by Glondo, approach Aecheria, which is under siege from the Undead Tahlanis. They battle the Tahlani in the plaza and head to the gates of the lower city.

In the lower city they meet up with the Grandmaster Eoshin, who is told of Valentius’ death. Corporal Martin Falch vouches for the Hero, so then Eoshin tasks the Hero with clearing a path through the mines. While in the mines the Hero has a strange encounter with the spirit of Isuel.

After making his way through the mines, the Hero finally meets up with Eoshin and Glondo in upper Aecheria. They help him interpret his dream and it is revealed that the Hero has been chosen to be Evhacon, an Avatar of Light. Eoshin advises the Hero on harnessing his emotions in the way of a Paladin. They discover the source of the Tahlani undead army and head off to battle.

At the Temple of Doom they find Vargan, one of the assassins who stole the artifact, Glondo shows no mercy and after extracting the location of the artifact from Vargan, decapitates him. The Grandmaster is disappointed in Glondo.

You don't even know what you're talking about anymore, old man" - Glondo Drakonis

The Game Engine and Platform

Evhacon I - Unreal Engine 3 - iOS

Evhacon II - Unreal Engine 4 - iOS & Android

Evhacon III - (upcoming)

The Reception

Reception for the first game of the series was generally good, with complaints coming mainly from people who’s older devices had trouble playing the game.

Many reviewers mentioned that Evhacon filled a void that players had been longing for in mobile, an action RPG with a story.

The Development

As a small independent developer Nifosi has to wear several hats. The main artistic talent and story author, he also is responsible for directing the development of the game engine and marketing.

The better part of two years effort was placed in the development of the first game of the series, Evhacon, War Stories. Many roadblocks had to be overcome, from the technical limitations of the game engine on mobile devices to the barriers to success that an indie developer faces. Financial aspects of the development loom front and center. Certain parts of the game such as professional voices or scoring must be contracted out and paid for in advance. Without a publisher these expenses must be paid out of pocket or attempted to be crowd-funded, in an already crowded field of ideas all vying for the public’s attention. With millions of apps available, exposure in the app stores seems to be concentrated on a few large developers, with a few lucky indie games striking gold. These issues rear their ugly head when problems arise during development, but dedication to bringing his idea to fruition has kept Nifosi and his small team plowing on to completion.

Almost immediately after the first game was released, Nifosi and RetroVerso games plunged into the second episode of the series. With Nunzio Bonsignore, Lead Programmer, utilizing a new engine, and by incorporating lessons learned from the first episode, the team sought to both improve upon the first game and continue the story.

Nifosi says, “At the end of the day, episode II would have never happened if it wasn't for Nunzio and his dedication”.

Evhacon 2 - Heart of the Aecherian TRAILER

Evhacon 2 - Heart of the Aecherian TRAILER


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Knight Captain Valentius Drakonis